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500 years. It took 500 years to shape the gastronomy of Gran Canaria. These years were needed to bring together the amalgam of products gifted by the ocean, and later to mix them with the distant influences that anchored in the island’s ports.

Gran Canaria’s gastronomy is based on its tradition as a major port in the Atlantic. Travellers from a hundred different countries arrived in Gran Canaria, bringing with them the flavours of 10 meridians around the world.. 


A mixture of ingredients that demonstrates the diversity of the cuisine found in its 21 municipalities. A variety that ranges from the wonderful Queso de Flor, to sweet potato empanadas, wine, sugarcane rum and coffee.


To all this one only needed add the sea. A bountiful sea surrounding the island where an enviable vegetable garden was sprouting.


Gran Canaria is lucky to have such a wonderful larder of ingredients. Thanks to the good climate, it is full of gourmet products such as tomatoes, apples, olives, tropical fruits, bienmesabe, oranges, sweet bananas, and an enormous variety of fish in the markets. These are just a few examples of what the curious visitor can find on our island of flavours. The perfect cuisine to bring together good food and good weather during your holidays.

Gran Canaria Routes

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