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They say that if you have not tried the local cuisine of the place you visit, you will not have known the essence of that destination. And to discover Gran Canaria , its history, its people and even the reason for the capricious orography of the landscape, you have to savor it.
This island of flavors in the Atlantic enjoys the benefits of the sea, the sun, the fresh trade winds and the robust character of its volcanoes, which have given its own identity to a cuisine reminiscent of Europe, Latin America and Africa.
Trying their recipe book and discovering their products become a unique experience: sea salt and local fish and shellfish that are produced and caught in an artisanal way.
World-renowned cheeses that carry ancient traditions such as grazing and transhumance.

Volcanic soil that gives its wines, ancient olive trees and coffee plantations , a unique character and makes them grow fertile together with tropical fruits and generous orchards with mangoes, avocados, pineapples, papayas, potatoes, tomatoes, onions and strawberries , among others.
Different microclimates that make it possible for the black bee to happily produce its honey and that, every beginning of the year, its Sacred Mountains (World Heritage of Humanity) are covered with the pink cloak of almond blossom.


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