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This is how the recipe 'Sancocho 2017' by chef Chema Marrero is cooked

Confit the cherne at 62º for 2 hours, checking that it is very sweet.

Emulsify all the ingredients of the mojo in the processing machine, finally adding the oil in the form of a thread.


Mix all the ingredients of the pellet and make a very thin sheet with the help of plastic wrap, bake in a teflon tray with weight on top.


Make a medium-bodied (texture) puree of yellow sweet potato with the help of the processing machine.

Blend the cooked potato puree so that it is very fine with the help of the siphon.

Proceed to assemble the plate as shown in the photograph, starting with the smoothie, puree, cherne, and ending with the mojo cord and the laminated sheet pella next to it.

Decorate with banana leaf.

  • 250 gr of Supreme of cherne

  • 1 l of virgin olive oil from the first press of Temisas

  • 40 gr. new potato

  • Sea salt

  • 30 gr of yellow sweet potato

  • 0.1 g of flake salt

  • 2 g chives


For the Mojo

  • 0.4 g of cumin

  • 0.4 g of sweet paprika

  • 5 gr of olive oil

  • 2 gr of white wine vinegar

  • 0.3 g of sea salt

  • 4 grams of garlic


For the Gofio Pella
  • 10 gr of light roasted Gofio

  • 3 ml red Mojo

  • 2 gr of very ripe Banana

  • 1 gr of aged rum

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